Harvest of the Month is a new Farm-to-School program that promotes the use of local, seasonal fruit and vegetables.  Each month a NJ fruit or vegetable is featured in the school with educational nutritional information.  Local chefs will prepare a recipe featuring the Harvest of the Month for students to try.  Posters have been created for display throughout the school to bring awareness.  The Harvest of the Month provides a great opportunity to try new foods, talk about food choices, and learn where our food comes from.  

In December, we are piloting this program at the Ross School in Margate.

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2019 Monthly Fruit/Vegetables

January - Golden Beets

February - Yams

March - Rutabagas

April - Spinach

May - Lettuce

June - Kale

July - Corn

August - Raspberries

September - Apples

October - Fennel

November - Cranberries

December - Parsnips

Previous Monthly Fruit/Vegetables:


December - Apples

January - Butternut Squash

February - Beets

March - Spinach

April - Radish/Kale

May - Peas

June - Strawberries

July - Blueberries

August - Tomatoes

September - Figs

October - Eggplant

November - Pumpkin

Special Thank You to our Graphic Artists for the poster design -

Bruce Lev and Jon Baker

December at Ross School

April 2017 at Ross School
April 2019 at Ross School


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